Solar Module :ATI1650 Series

Module feature
Grid connected system
Water pumping
Battery charging system
Cathodicprotection system
Building integrated power system
Technical Specitification
ATI-1650 Series 24 V Configuration 12 V Configuration
Typical power 155W 165W 175W 155W 165W 175W
Minimum power 147.3W 158.8W 166.3W 147.3W 158.8W 166.3W
Voltage at typical power 34.0V 34,4V 35.0V 17.0V 17,2V 17,5V
Current at typical power 4,6A 4,8A 5.0A 9,2A 9,6A 10.0A
Short circuit current 4,8A 5,1A 5,3A 9,6A 10,2A 10,6A
Open circuit voltage 43.0V 43,2V 43,4V 21,5V 21,6V 21,7V
Maximum system voltage 770V DC
Temperature coefficient =+1,46 mA/°C ;= -158 mV/°C ; P/ P= -0,43 % /°C = +2,92 m A/°C ; = -79 m V/°C ; P/P = - 0,43 % /°C

Module description
The PW1650 is made of 8 x 9 high efficiency (up to 15%) 5 inch polycrystalline silicon solar cells (125,50 mm X 125,50 mm), with a silicon nitride anti-reflective coating.
The PW1650 is Matrix's 5 inch high efficiency module.Thanks to its optimum size it is easy to handle and specifically dedicated to large scale grid connected applications.
ThePW1650 module usesPhotowatt’s multicrystalline technology.The solar cellsareindividually characterized and electronically matched priortointerconnection.Encapsulation beneath hightransmissiontemperedglassis accomplished usinganadvanced, UV resistantthermalsettingplastic.The encapsulant,ethylene vinyl acetate,cushions the solar cells within the laminate and protect the cells from etching.The rear surface ofthemoduleis completely sealed from moisture and mechanicaldamage by acontinuous high strengh polymer sheet.
The PW1650 is using a reinforced transparent anodised frame,designed to meet Matrix's High Quality Standards for corrosion resistance (lifetime tested 3 times longer than requested by CEI 61215).
Withatolerance improvementto+/-5%,thePW1650 moduleensuresmore powerhomogeneityin installations,andafinancial investment correspondingtothereal powerproduced.A 12V version and a UL version are available on request.